December 30, 2016

Your Support is Needed

CHEEERS Recovery Center is a non-profit community service agency serving adults with serious mental illness and behavioral health challenges. Our state certified Peer Supports provide Recovery Support Services through classes, groups, events, and one-on-one mentoring.  We help individuals find meaning, purpose and social connections in their lives.  Please consider us when making your contributions this year.
Research has shown that peer support facilitates recovery and reduces health care costs. Peers also provide assistance that promotes a sense of belonging within the community. The ability to contribute to and enjoy one’s community is key to recovery and well-being. (SAMHSA)

This year Governor Doug Ducey signed into legislation SB 1216, which increases Arizona's  2016 charitable tax credit donation limits. This means individuals are now allowed to give more to nonprofit organizations (Single, $400 and Married Joint $800) while taking larger dollar-for-dollar tax credits !** **subject to income tax liability thresholds caps. Please consult your tax professional to determine eligibility. The contributions deadline in Arizona for Charitable Organizations  has  been extended to April 15th, 2017  however;  you may want to make your year-end donation now, just two days left in 2016 !!!  A donation to CHEEERS supports the services we offer to individuals with serious mental illness in our community. Visit our website and give today
At CHEEERS our primary focus is in these areas:
EMPOWERMENT is key to our program in helping our participants identify and utilize their strengths in order to advance their recovery. We provide EDUCATION and resources, so that our participants can promote understanding and work to de-stigmatize mental illness and substance abuse. EMPLOYMENT is  a primary goal so that our participants  develop job skills to move forward in their lives with hope and purpose.

December 16, 2016

Whole Health Action Plan for CHEEERS in 2017

CHEEERS is currently seeking donations to support the addition of an exercise room on our campus, to go along with a new program we are offering called Whole Health Action Management. (WHAM). Given the high incidence of chronic physical health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity among people with mental illnesses and addictions, WHAM training is a health plan developed by peers for peers to help them improve chronic health and behavioral health conditions. The training is based on the curriculum developed by the SAMHSA-HRSA Center for Integrated Health Solutions (run by the National Council for Behavioral Health) to promote whole health self-management and strengthen the peer workforce’s role in integrated healthcare delivery.

This year, Governor Ducey extended the eligibility period for to allow individuals  tax credits  on their  2016 income tax  filing for donations made to Charitable Organizations through April 15h, 2017 **

Donations made to CHEEERS can be designated to assist us in purchasing exercise equipment and materials for a new “exercise room” at CHEEERS that will also be made available to our staff members.  Leading by example and supporting one another is the key to health and wellness for all.  
Please visit our website to learn more and to make your donation today.

 CHEEERS is an Arizona Qualified Charitable Organization
**Your donation may be eligible for a dollar for dollar tax credit, up to $400 if filing single, up to $800 if  filing joint)  on your Arizona Tax Return.(please consult a tax professional to determine eligibility.)