August 21, 2018

On the Move

CHEEERS Recovery Center congratulates two of our team members for their recent and ongoing accomplishments. 

Express Yourself 

FrankeyJune Tewers, a loyal employee of more than 4 years, has been promoted to our Expressions of Hope Programming Coordinator at CHEEERS. Expressions of Hope combines creativity and artistic expression with recovery principles. The program helps our members learn new ways of coping, expressing themselves, exploring spirituality and building confidence, while learning a new skill and creating some magnificent pieces of artwork or jewelry. FrankeyJune has worked as a Recovery Mentor covering a variety of life skills programming at CHEEERS, however; her true passion and talent has been no secret, she's an artist!  We are excited for FrankeyJune to take on this new role and bring her creativity and skills to our program participants. Look through the weekly class schedule and come join us in Expressions of Hope.  Click here for the monthly art calendar of classes.


Renee Medunic was recently appointed to the Mercy Care Member Advisory Committee. This committee works together with the health plan and the Office of Individual and Family Affairs to make suggestions for program and outreach service improvements, to better engage members and to ensure that those with lived experience are involved in policy issues and development. Renee works as a Support Services Manager within our day program at CHEEERS. She leads a team of Peer Supports, Mentors and Specialists who share their experience strength and hope with our members in groups, one to ones and a variety of services and events. Renee is a “train the trainer” in an evidence based smoking cessation program called The Dimensions, and is also  certified to provide SAMHSA’s evidence based practice of Whole Health Action Management or WHAM.
Renee is delighted with her recent appointment to the Member Advisory Committee and looks forward to making a difference. Way to go Renee!

June 25, 2018

Seeds of Recovery

Cucumbers, cantaloupe, basil, sage, mint, tomatoes, pomegranate, flowers and various  succulent plants make up the CHEEERS community garden. Seeds of Recovery is a gardening group that establishes a connection between personal recovery and skills associated with gardening.  Creating enough space to grow, keeping the soil rich with nutrients and the importance of staying hydrated are just some of the conversations  our program participants have as they  maintain the community garden here at CHEEERS.   It's urprising how many  similarities there are between recovery and gardening!   Participants are encouraged to participate  in the CHEEERS community garden by thinking  creatively about what and where they want to plant,  and how to plant in a way that will create a beautiful garden.  Like gardening , recovery must be purposeful. Our participants tell us the Seeds of Recovery group is a relaxed atmosphere , that allows them to share openly with each other.  Vegetables from the community garden at CHEEERS are used in our Let's Dish Cooking classes and/ or are made available to the participants if we have abundance !  Darrin Perkins our Facility Lead Support has done a fantastic job with this special program ! 

June 21, 2018

CHEEERS Participants Release 1st Newsletter !

Coming together to create something so special is just one of the things that makes CHEEERS great! We have truly amazing participants that inspire us daily. We are pleased to share the 1st Edition Participant created, written, designed, and edited Newsletter.

 Nice job, putting this together, working together and sharing your expereince, strength and hope with others ! We look forward to reading your "Summer"  release.  Read the Newsletter

CHEEERS Board of Directors elects new Vice Chair

On Monday, June 18, 2018 CHEEERS Board of Directors elected member representative Robert Wright to serve as our new Vice Chair.
Member representation on our Board of Directors is a critical component to ensure that CHEEERS remains a program and agency that is dedicated to and effectively meets the needs of individuals with mental health and substance use disorders. In the role of Vice Chair,  Robert will not only attend and be a voting member on our governance Board of Directors,  he will also be a trusted member of our Executive Committee. The  Executive Committee is responsible for convening anytime there is a priority matter or  issue of high significance that requires Board of Directors notification, input  or decision outside of  the regularly scheduled meetings.   Congratulations Robert!  Robert is joined on our Board of Directors by other member representatives from CHEEERS,  Linda Blair and Sheree Lee. They are also voting members that serve on our Board of Directors  of which more than 90%  of  the members identify as having lived experience. 

October 10, 2017

CHEEERS Staff Share Their Talent

Jimmy Prado, has worked at CHEEERS the past four years and is currently our Facility Manager, responsible to oversee daily operations to include food service,
maintenance, housekeeping as well as fleet management of our vehicles (to list  just a  few of his responsibilities). He is one busy guy, but he still manages to share his passion and talent with our program participants.  Jimmy recently hosted and taught the Hammer and Heart Workshop at CHEEERS.  This workshop took place in two different sessions for a total of 10 hours. Jimmy, who is also a Certified Peer Support Specialist with 5 years in Recovery, assisted and taught our program participants the art of fabricating metal into fine jewelry.  You see...Jimmy also has a degree in Fine Arts from Montana State University , with an emphasis on metal fabricating. He enjoys working with silver and gold to make beautiful jewelry in his "free time" ,  but  he also maintains a business license as a Jeweler in Arizona.  As you can see our participants took advantage of this opportunity and Jimmy's generosity in sharing his talent. Thank you Jimmy ! Beautiful work!  


September 28, 2017

Support CHEEERS using your Arizona Tax Credit

If you’re a resident of Arizona, you may be eligible to direct your tax dollars to benefit the individuals that receive support services at CHEEERS. *  CHEEERS is a Qualified Charitable Organization, which means our supporters may receive a dollar-for-dollar state tax credit for donations made directly to CHEEERS; up to $400 individually or $800 if you file jointly.          * (Please consult your individual tax advisor to determine eligibility.)
Why use your Arizona Tax credit to support CHEEERS?
💙Your tax dollars stay local and directly impact the lives of those in our community.
💙Your support assists us to provide daily hygiene and household items to our members.
💙Your support allows us to provide on average 95- 100 meals daily to individuals receiving service in our program.
💙Services at CHEEERS help individuals develop the skills they need to live healthy and independently.

Donate online today at
To learn more about CHEEERS and the services we offer visit our website at or email us at
To learn more about Arizona Income Tax Credits visit Arizona Department of Revenue’s website

September 21, 2017

New Documentary Shines Spotlight on Family Addiction Recovery Journey

“Bring Them All” details a family-centered approach to treatment and recovery
KANSAS CITY, MO. (September 19, 2017) — The ATTC Center of Excellence on Behavioral Health for Pregnant and Postpartum Women and Their Families (ATTC CoE-PPW), located at the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Nursing and Health Studies, has produced a documentary to promote a family-centered approach to addiction treatment and recovery.
“Bring Them All” tells the story of family-centered care through the perspectives of clients and staff at SHIELDS for Families, a treatment program in Compton, CA, which proves that the seemingly impossible can be done: to move forward a generation of children who never experience—or even remember—the challenges of growing up with family addiction.

A pioneer in this model of care, co-founder and CEO, Kathryn Icenhower, Ph.D., and her team describe what it’s like to work in a program that lets women bring their whole family to experience the recovery journey together.

“Addiction is a family disease,” Sarah Knopf-Amelung, Executive Producer, shares. “Yet mothers are often treated in isolation from their children and partners, having to choose between getting treatment and keeping their families together. This revolutionary program changes all of that by letting women bring them all—fathers/partners and children of all ages.”

The ATTC Center of Excellence on Behavioral Health for Pregnant and Postpartum Women and Their Families (ATTC CoE-PPW) was established to support the behavioral health workforce by developing family-centered care training curricula, a web-based toolkit, and intensive technical assistance for treatment programs. Its website offers free online training, an extensive resource library, and opportunities to connect and link with experts and other innovative family-centered treatment programs and resources. The ATTC CoE-PPW is funded by a grant from the Department of Health and Human Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). To learn more about the documentary, please visit